Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Monday, September 28, 2009

a sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare.

so my dear friend matt suggested that i start updating my blog again and posting my wacky dreams. crazy shit always happens in my dreams and i remember it all so vividly when i wake up, but sometimes the activities i take part in cause me to forget bits and pieces.

my dreams have been hit or miss in the past few days. i have tomorrow off, so hopefully some strange dreams happen tonight so that i can blog away the morning with a several cups of the starbucks holiday blend coffee i just bought. until then.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

looking back & moving forward. chapter 1.

Chapter 1: Ray Wilson from Liana LaRue on Vimeo.

looking back & moving forward. chapter 2.

Chapter 2: Whitnie Kimball from Liana LaRue on Vimeo.

423 final video: looking back & moving forward

The four or five years that most students spend at Central Michigan University earning their degrees, seems minuscule compared to many years of schooling prior to this. Often described as “the best years of your life”, college can prove to have its ups and downs. Recognized as a bit of a “party school”, CMU and its hold the title proudly. As home to CMU’s campus, Mt. Pleasant has unintentionally turned into a home away from home for most of its students. After years of lectures, football games, exams and keggers, this weekend Central will graduate another class of students.
To many, coming to the realization that entering the “real world” is steadily creeping more near, can commonly be a frightening thing. Whether students feel adequately prepared for life after graduation, or not, now is the time for graduating seniors to walk across the stage, receive their diploma and close a very large chapter in their lives.

earth day celebration

Earth Day Celebration from Liana LaRue on Vimeo.