Wednesday, February 25, 2009

423: Final Video Treatment

Okay guys, listen up.

My final video project is going to be about a registered student organization called Men about Change. This program is run by Minority Student Service, graduate assistant, Sean Novak. Members in the organization meet once a week. The goal of the meetings is to develop skills in order to become a “better citizen and man.” The group also strives to be leaders on campus and in the community. They also cover issues such as racism, women, education, career success, and even how to tie a tie.

I plan to divide the project into a few chapters. The first initial chapter will be about the group, Men about Change, as a whole. It will cover the following topics briefly; the goals of their organization, how meetings run, what makes a good member, how they contribute on campus and in the community. There is a panel scheduled for this Thursday where members from Men about Change as well as guest speakers, will discuss topics that are of concern to students and faculty members.

For the other chapters in my project, I would like to do a spotlight on a few of the members of Men about Change. The advisor, Sean Novak, is a graduate assistant in the Minority Student Services office, and also helps with the Multicultural Advancement and Lloyd Cofer scholar students. I plan to follow him through his everyday life and let my audience see what it takes to, not only be the advisor of Men about Change, but a well known leader on CMU’s campus.

The second member spotlight will be on Lester Booker, Jr. Another graduate assistant as CMU, Booker is involved in many aspects of campus life. Not only is he involved on campus, Booker also has is hand in a variety of activities and organizations throughout Mt. Pleasant. By following him around, my audience will see another example of how one person can make a positive change and affect other people lives. A third member of Men about Change will also have a chapter in my final video project. This member is still being decided.

The one aspect that is going to tie all the chapters about the Men about Change members is racism. Every member I am spotlighting is a different race and from very different ethic backgrounds. Each one will discuss how they feel about racism & prejudice and how it these issues affect them on a daily basis. By showing my audience these men and their experiences with racism, I hope to broaden their horizons on race issues as well as possibly change the way the think about a certain race or characteristic of a race. I would like to establish a person relationship with all of my subjects so they feel open enough to share their personal experiences with not only me, but my audience.

I am choosing to do my final video project on this subject for a couple of reasons. I believe that race issues are not always paid full attention to in today’s society, especially with other issues at hand. Many people don’t believe that racism occurs in today’s society, but a lot of people are blind to things that they aren’t always exposed to. By exposing my audience to these issues and the organization Men about Change, I hope to open their eyes to the reality and severity of racism.

I also chose to do the organization Men about Change, because I believe in what the organization stands for. This is an overview of the information I found out about Men about Change.

Men About Change is a male mentoring program that was initiated by Minority Student Services in the fall of 2007. this program provides young men at Central Michigan University with the opportunity to enhance their leadership skills as well as obtain professional and academic guidance in order to help them obtain their undergraduate degrees while preparing the to assist other young men to do the same. The program serves to "build men to build men," fostering reciprocity to younger generations. Mentees are matched with graduate students, university faculty and staff male mentors to facilitate the changes the program seeks to create.

These young men will be provided this guidance with the expectation that they will provide the same guidance to an incoming freshman male as well as serving as a resource to their fellow students. By engaging male faculty, staff, and students as mentors, this program will function as a mechanism for increasing the retention of students at Central Michigan University.

The goals and objectives of Men About Change are to:

-Increase retention of young men at CMU and ensure that they obtain their undergraduate degree

-Increase civic engagement as well as the effectiveness of male leadership at CMU

-Cultivate compassionate, progressive, and proactive mentality among young men at CMU

-Prepare young men to be resources to their community

Participants- This program is open to all freshman and sophomore males who are registered students at Central Michigan University. There is no cost to be a part of this initiative. We only require a little of your time and ask that you invest in your own future as well as your peers. participants of Men About Change will be granted a variety of free opportunities to develop academically, professionally, socially, and culturally. More specifically, involvement in this program will provide participants with the following:

· Monthly workshops covering a variety of academic & professional development opportunities

· One-on-one mentoring

· Informational gatherings each month to aid social development

· Free access to conferences

· Provide you with useful information regarding campus and community resources

· Resources that will enhance your cultural understanding of the world

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